About Us

Hi! Welcome to Jackalope Junction TX. 

My name is Zoë (@mrsseitz) and I am the “owner”here. I run the social media, package and ship each item, and it’s me who you’ll see at events or talk to when you message or email me. Although I am the main person running this show, Jackalope Junction is a family affair! My dad @luckybdesign and I talked about starting a t shirt company for quite a while. We always said “that needs to be a shirt”. Song lyrics, his own designs, or sayings... we were always coming up with different things. 

Years went by and life went on. I got married and moved across the country, started a family and took on a new role as a stay at home mom. So I thought why not now! Once we decided to start this thing the rest was history. 

My dad, David Bond, is a traditional sign writer who has been hand lettering, pinstriping & painting fine art for 30 years! He is a talented artist and has had the opportunity to work with some very big names. To name a few; Harley Davidson, Patagonia, 805 beer/Firestone Walker Brewing company, Nike, Oakley, and Vans plus more that I’m sure I’m forgetting. And he also has been featured in magazines such as Texas Monthly, Hot Rod magazine, Street Chopper magazine, Pistol magazine, Juxtapoz magazine & many more. 

Lucky B is our sole designer/artist. Our designs are 100% original and you will not find anything like it in any other shop unless they are a wholesaler of ours! As a family we come up with each design and perfect it together using the opinions of my husband @r.seitz , my mom @mrsluckybdesign and even the folks at our local print shop in Waco, Texas. (Shout out to Hole In The Roof Marketing!) Each design is specially made and by the time it’s ready to print it develops its own story. 

It is special to me to have my dads work printed in yet another form and to have something I myself had a hand in creating. It’s something I can keep for many years and I hope you all do too! 
If you’ve read this far by now you are a true fan! I hope you enjoy our work and we truly appreciate all of the support! I strive to make this business something you can feel involved in. It’s not a cold distant business relationship, it’s me you’re getting, the one doing a happy dance every time you order and your continuous support of my dream is what keeps me going!

Thanks for reading along,

Zoë Seitz